Students in our HIV/AIDS Treatment Quality Improvement pathway prioritize which performance measures or needs could provide the maximum benefit to patients by determining baseline data and assessing the needs of patients infected with HIV in the community.

With their team, students will create a project that serves to improve our performance in a selected measure. They will learn how to implement the project, assess the outcome, identify challenges and determine future objectives.

The objectives of this project include:

  • Identify resources and develop strategies to assess the needs of individuals living with HIV in the community. Potential options include visiting AIDS Service Organizations or talking with clinic case managers, attending various support groups to interview individuals living with HIV, providing surveys to clinic patients or participating in Norfolk Planning Council or EVMS HIV Quality Improvement Committee meetings
  • Build skills and confidence with communicating about sensitive topics with individuals impacted by HIV
  • Recognize barriers to obtaining optimal HIV medical care
  • Develop an advanced understanding of how to design, implement and evaluate quality improvement projects
  • Improve the outcomes on selected performance measures impacting individuals living with HIV in our community

 For more information, contact Service Learning or faculty lead Catherine Derber, MD.