In this initiative, students will identify community needs for health education and target high-need populations with tailored education and information. This group will produce products of high quality that will support the patient information needs of our ongoing initiatives (e.g., HOPES, LIFT and Medical Spanish).

This initiative is great for students with an interest in:

  • Medical Education
  • Quality Improvement
  • Art in Medicine
  • Technical Tool Development

Students will first study methods for needs assessment and audience analysis. Then they will visit EVMS and Safety Net Clinics to identify organizational and patient perspectives on needs. Students will prioritize needs for innovation development: brochures, video, database in support of the EVMS Prenatal Clinic in Park Place, etc. Students will articulate audience needs and user profiles for each innovation, and design processes will include pilot testing of materials with that population. Students will receive just-in-time instruction and guidance from EVMS instructional designers, healthcare professionals, public health specialists and media specialists. 

Formative and Summative Evaluation plans for each innovation product will be developed that investigate validity, reliability and audience connection. Products will be revised in accordance with evaluation feedback. 


  • Identify and then prioritize health and medical education needs in high-need Eastern Virginia community populations.
  • Articulate salient target population audience characteristics.
  • Prioritize various media for most effective communication. Communication must match need and audience.
  • Develop communication objectives and plan for target audience and need.
  • Design effective interventions that effectively meet objectives.
  • Effectively incorporate audience needs, motivations and profile in interventions.
  • Systematically evaluate and refine products.

For more information, contact Service Learning.