EVMS S‌ervice Learning


     Service Learning at EVMS is integrating meaningful community service with structured learning and reflection experiences to enhance our student physicians overall learning experience.   It strengthens foundational science knowledge, clinical skills, and problem-solving skills in the context of real-world experience.   

It is being there with real people in authentic contexts. It is a type of learning that you cannot experience in a classroom alone. 


Service Learning Goals:

First, we will change our community:  Through their service, our students will make a tangible difference in the priority needs of our community. 

Second, our students will grow: After participating in our Service Learning experiences, our graduates will exemplify...

  • Community obligation and responsibility. They will live out a well-defined sense of community understanding, community responsibility, and community leadership reflected in their choices, future plans, and stated values.
  • Human compassion. They will demonstrate humanistic compassion for the people with whom they interact.
  • A value for interdisciplinary problem solving. They will value and demonstrate skills in interdisciplinary approaches to solving the health challenges of their communities.
  • Skills to investigate and meaningfully address problems. They will be skilled at investigating, meaningfully engaging, and responding to the health needs of their communities.

Third, our students' Residency applications will be stronger.  Through the pathway-specific instruction and qualifications, our students will gain expertise in the disciplines associated with the pathway, and in most cases receive formal qualifications or certifications.  

 Our Medical Spanish Service Learning program is aimed at increasing the number of Spanish speaking clinicians in our area. Currently, those who speak Spanish as a primary language find significant barriers communicating with their physicians.

Our Medical Spanish Service Learning program aims at equipping student physicians to interact with Spanish speaking patients effectively. Students also earn a National Certification for Bilingual Healthcare Providers (Medical Spanish).