Using Clickers for a Lab Exam (Dr. Goodmurphy)

     Dr. Goodmurphy uses clickers in lab exams.  Students walk around to different stations—each station corresponds to a question—and at the station the student reads a multiple choice question and uses the clicker to respond.   Creating the exam beforehand takes a little more time than it would have without clickers.  

     When the student has completed all the questions, the answers are submitted from the clicker.   The student receives the exam grade instantly.  

What’s the value of this approach?   There are two chief benefits to this approach: first, for the instructor, grading is automatic.    Most of the instructor’s labor is prior to the exam.   Second, students receive their grades instantly.   The grades are in a digital format and may be uploaded to Blackboard or forwarded within our EVMS formal exam system easily.