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Instructor Tales

What is the big idea here?

   In this section, we present several true instructor stories that illustrate how different instructional tactics can be employed in the classroom.         

   These are not All-Star stories--they are stories about our peers trying make their classrooms or broader learning experiences more active.   These stories aren't all about success but they are all about us moving towards success.    For the next few years, our pattern should look like this:  1)  we do our homework, 2) we try the instructional strategies and tactics that work, 3)  sometimes we will fail, but not for lack of trying, and 4) we improve our approach and try again.    In the end, our teaching methods will be about encouraging learners to do the work of learning (it is, after all, something they must do).   We will judge ourselves by that standard.  

     And, just to set the record straight, these stories represent only a small portion of the innovative approaches you all are using in your classrooms.  Thank you for your work.

The Stories...

  • Team-Based/Case-Based Learning (Dr. Knapp)
  • Creating a ‘Video-Short’ for a Flipped Learning Experience (Dr. Wasilenko)
  • Supporting Out-of-Class Student Learning Experiences in Creative Ways (Dr. Kerry)
  • Questioning Throughout a Lecture (Dr. Shankaran)
  • Walk-Around Team Facilitation During Team-Based/Case-Based Learning (Dr. Buescher)
  • Questioning then Re-Questioning During a Lecture (Dr. Damon)
  • Pre-Exam Review Questions (Dr. Kerry)
  • Using Clickers for a Lab Exam (Dr. Goodmurphy)
  • Using Clickers to Give a Short Quiz in Class (Dr. Lynch)
  • Questions That Take Attendance (Dr. Lynch)