Registration to compete in Choosing Wisely Day 2022 is now closed. Join us Friday, Feb. 18, for the live event.

Participants in Choosing Wisely may choose one of three formats to compete, a Think Tank competition a Research Abstract or a Literature Review. For questions about the format or the competition, please contact student coordinator Rayghan Larick, Choosing Wisely STAR, at

Also register to attend the keynote.

Think Tank Competition

There will be no meetings with multimillionaire investors, but the stakes will feel just as high when you will present your ideas for innovative projects.

  • Only one registration required per group.
  • To apply, please submit presentation title and, in less than 200 words, a summary of topic.
  • Please specify that you are applying for the Think Tank Competition.
  • List your group members' names.

Competition Guidelines


Groups of two to five EVMS residents and students are welcome.


Deliver a virtual presentation to seek funding for a project that can reduce cost of care and decrease wasteful spending in patient care settings (e.g. following Choosing Wisely recommendations). Check the Choosing Wisely site for examples. You may present with or without PowerPoint slides. Presentations should be five to seven minutes in an elevator pitch style.


Choose a problem you see in healthcare today with regards to wasteful or costly care. Then develop a pitch including a succinct presentation of the problem, significance of the problem and a proposed solution. Be prepared to take questions from a multidisciplinary panel of judges regarding measurement of impact and feasibility of implementation, among any other questions they may choose to ask.


Proposals are due at 11:59 p.m. January 28.

Submit your Think Tank proposal.

Final presentations are due at 11:59 p.m. Feb. 11.

Research Presentation Competition Guidelines

Research abstracts are due by 11:59 p.m. Jan. 28. The poster presentations will be held Feb. 18. All participants will sharing their presentations and abstracts live via Zoom.

  • Only one registration is required per presentation.
  • Please specify that you are participating in the Research Presentation and the option category.
  • List the name of individual or student group participants.


Option 1: Original Research Presentation

Submit original research or quality improvement presentations related to value-based medicine. Such topics include minimizing waste, maximizing outcomes, improving patient safety, technological innovations or implementation of value-based principles in medical education. There is a 500-word limit for abstracts and a five-minute limit for the presentations.

Option 2: Literature Review Presentation

If students or residents do not have an original research or quality improvement project, they may submit a review of recent, value-based literature, practice guidelines or specialty organization recommendations. Participants are encouraged to synthesize their findings to provide innovative ideas and solutions to real world problems. There is a five-minute time limit for the presentation.

Submit your Research and Literature Review Abstract.


A multidisciplinary panel of judges will evaluate all Think Tank and Research presentations, and awards will be presented accordingly. The award ceremony will be held immediately after the Research Competition in the same Zoom location.


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