The Choosing Wisely 2021 Event

1 p.m.  Keynote Speaker Ahmit Pahwa, MD

View the keynote presentation. Read about Dr. Pahwa.

2 p.m. Break-Out Sessions 

Review your "Choosing Wisely Day Breakout Session" email for your room assignment and break-out session document.

2:30 p.m. Keynote Debrief

Re-connect with the keynote speaker events room.

3 p.m. Innovations Think Tank Competition

4 p.m. Research and Literature Review Presentations Competitions

Award Ceremony

Attend the ceremony, which will immediately follow the Research and Literature Competition in the same BlueJeans location.




  • Group 1: Stefan Edemobi, Kayshaliya Sharma (M2s) Simulation to improve medical student skills in addressing bias and microaggressions from peers, preceptors and patients
  • Group 2: Tram Phung, Christine Kim (M2s) Advance care planning in the era of COVID-19
  • Group 3: Rohini Siva Srinivas, Vanessa Rave (M2s) Improving electronic health records to identify victims of human trafficking
  • Group 4: Rebecca Clawson, Tayab Waseem, Justin Zaremba, Nicole Crofton, Jamie Geraghty (M2s and M3) Using an end-to-end, AI-integrated platform for patient triage


Original Research Participants

  • Group 1: Presented by Monica Ethirajan, MS, MPH: Developing a Psychomotor Skill Set in Undergraduate Medical Education Using Ultrasound-Guided Fine Needle Aspiration with Cadaver Thyroids. Authors: Ethirajan; Alexon Munson-Catt MS; Jordan Goodmurphy; Felicia Toreno PhD; Craig W. Goodmurphy PhD. Read the research.
  • Group 2: Presented by Sarah Alnaif, BHSc: A Qualitative Look at the Intended and Unintended Consequences of the 2016 CDC Guideline on Opioid Prescribing. Authors: Alnaif; Tram Phung; Ying Li, MD; Qi Lin, MD; Hongyun Fu, PhD. Read the research.

Literature Review Participants

  • Group 1: Ariana Spiegel, Fatmata Conteh, Da'keesha Jones, Telemedicine: Increasing Access to Underserved and Rural Populations
  • Group 2: Cassandra Dao, The Understated Role of Emollients with Topical Corticotherapy in Improving Incidence and Remission of Psoriasis
  • Group 3: Uzoma Ahiarakwe, The common misdiagnosis of PTSD as ODD and CD in inner city communities
  • Group 4: Karam Obeid, Implications of COVID-19 free surgical pathways on elective surgical oncology treatments
  • Group 5: David Brodnik, Chronic pain management during the COVID-19 pandemic: Determining the optimal manner of providing healthcare
  • Group 6: Vanessa Rave, Yunjoo Hwang, Mayuri Kathrotia, Hajara Ouattara, Taylor Wallace, How can Mothers and Baby Mermaids improve health outcomes for pregnant victims of intimate partner violence (IPV)?
  • Group 7: Ian Mandybur, Posterior glottic stenosis and bilateral vocal fold immobility: Patient specific procedures that could lead to tracheostomy free survival
  • Group 8: Waleed Adawi, Outlook of Dermatology in The Post COVID-19 Era: A Review