The Choosing Wisely 2022 Event

Noon - Faculty Development Event

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1 p.m.  - Welcome

  • Lauren Mazzurco, DO
  • Choosing Wisely STARS
    • Riccardo De Cataldo
    • Matilda Francis
    • Rayghan Larick
  • Rising Choosing Wisely STARS
    • Chad Caraway
    • Benjamin Chilampath
    • Eric Gullborg
    • Atif Niaz

1:30 p.m.  - Keynote Speaker: Christopher Moriates, MD

Read about Dr. Moriates.

2:35 p.m. Innovations Think Tank Competition

Read about the judges, competitors and their presentations.

3:45 p.m. Research and Literature Review Presentations Competitions

  • Join the Literature Review in Room A
  • Join the Original Research Competition in Room B

Read about the  judges, competitors and their presentations.

4:45 p.m. Award Ceremony & Closing Remarks

Awards will immediately follow the Research and Literature Competition in the primary room.

Judges and Competitors



  1. Hannah James, Samantha Strohm, Marilyn Bartholmae, PhD, Lauren Mazzurco, DO, David Spiegel, MD, FAPA - Exploring the potential of personal inventory asset mapping to mitigate imposter phenomenon and burnout in medical students
  2. Shami Thakur, Rayghan Larick, Keshin Purohit - Increasing distribution and availability of fentanyl test strips in local accessible spaces to help avert the opioid crisis
  3. Harrison Dai, Ashley Carter - Value-Based Care, Informatics, and Pathologists?
  4. Kelly Hogan, Carlo DelDonno - Early Introduction leads to Allergy Reduction
  5. Ryan Lamrani, Shambhawi Thakur, John Gote - Recommended Fluorescein Angiography screening protocol for diabetic retinopathy patients with well-controlled diabetes
  6. Monica Ethirajan, Marie Ally, Vishal Aggroia, Mike Pham  - Nourish Our Babies


Presenters - Literature Review

  1. Shami Thakur, John D. Sheppard, MD - Gut microbiome and its influence upon ocular surface and ocular surface diseases
  2. Adan Z. Becerra PhD, Dashon Eure BS MS, Chris Fungwe BS MS, Carla F. Justiniano MD MPH, Christopher T. Aquina MD MPH - Using a sociodemographic lens to guide chemotherapy recommendations for diverse patients
  3. Ryan Saal, Jennifer Wintringham - Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsies: Keeping a Watchful Eye on Metastatic Melanomas
  4. Ashley Carter, Harrison Dai - Innovations in Healthcare Cost Transparency
  5. David Brodnik - The Biomechanical and Clinical Performance of All-Suture Anchors in Rotator Cuff Repairs

Presenters - Original Research

  1. Donald Clark, William Kim, Kyle Deivert, Catherine Eccleston, Samuel Kim, Caleb Morgan, Amanda Fiorved, Justin W. Griffin MD, Kevin F. Bonner MD - Does untreated acromioclavicular arthritis affect outcomes of rotator cuff repair
  2. Bijan Morshedi, MD, Charles Springer, Hannah James, Samantha Strohm, Lindsay Gould, MD, Andrea Thurman, MD - Exploring the cost value of sterile vs clean gloves based on rates of intrauterine infection in labor at term
  3. Sarah Alnaif, Sarah Hermak, MS, Lydia Sa, MPH, Robert Smith, MD, Alexandra Leader, MD, MPH - A Recommendation for a Hispanic/Latinx Community-Based Educational Intervention to Address Health Disparities in Malignant Melanoma
  4. Daniel Strock, Jennifer Wintringham, Robert Smith, MD - Rates of Laboratory Testing for Terbinafine and Spironolactone at an EVMS Dermatology Urgent Care Clinic
  5. Ian Mandybur, Benjamin Rubinstein, MD - Ventilation Strategies and Intraoperative Hemodynamics for Airway Stenosis Surgery
  6. Shami Thakur, Alan L. Wagner MD FACS FICS, Shawna Gallagher, Kapil G. Kapoor MD FACS FICS - Prednisolone Acetate and Gentamicin Eye Drops as a Cheaper Alternative to Maxitrol Ophthalmic Ointment after Pars Plana Vitrectomy