Program Questions

Below are questions about the PA Program at EVMS.  More information is available on the Program's landing page.


What is the program’s mission?

The mission of the EVMS Physician Assistant Program is to prepare students to provide health care in a broad range of medical settings by training them in the medical arts and sciences in an inclusive, multi-cultural environment dedicated to the delivery of patient centered care, while fostering a strong commitment to clinical and community partnerships.

Further information can be found on the Mission & Goals webpage.


Is the program accredited by the ARC-PA?

The PA program received provisional accreditation on October 16, 1998 as the 109th accredited program in the United States.  The most recent accreditation review in 2016 resulted in the maximum accreditation time period of 10 years. The program is scheduled for its next accreditation review in 2026.

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How long is the PA Program?

The PA Program is divided into seven semesters (16 weeks each), spanning 28 consecutive calendar months.

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How often do classes begin?

A new cohort of students is admitted once per calendar year in January.

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Why does the program begin in January?

A new class enters each January because that allows us to most effectively share faculty and other resources of EVMS. It also allows our students to graduate in May with the other programs in the School of Health Professions and the Medical School.

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Is the program “full-time”?

Yes, each entering class progresses through the program as a single cohort. There is no option for a part-time or decelerated/extended curriculum.

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Can I work while completing the PA Program?

Working while in a full-time, Master’s level degree program is not encouraged.  The rigorous class and study schedule necessary for successful completion of the program makes working at an outside job ill-advised at any point in the program.

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Will I take courses or clinical rotations with students from other programs?

At various times throughout the program, both in didactic and clinical semesters, students from our program will have opportunity to train alongside students from other programs.  This typically occurs in the first semester Anatomy course, and to a larger extent in the clinical rotations.  Over the last few years, a school-wide Interprofessional Collaborative Education course has been implemented. This has allowed for more formal interaction and will continue to be developed.

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What is the tuition cost for the program?

The most recent tuition and fee information is available here.

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Are scholarships or financial aid available?

Financial Aid is available in the form of institutional and federal loans to cover educational and living expense. EVMS has a limited number of institutional awards and there are a number of federal loan repayment programs available.

More information can be found on the Tuition and Fees page, the Financial Aid Office landing page, and the PA Foundation website.

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What are your program’s NCCPA certification exam pass rates?

First time PANCE Pass Rates are updated yearly and published here.

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Who do I speak to if I have more questions?

If after reviewing the program’s webpages,MPA Admissions Guidelines, and FAQs, you still have questions, any one of the following individuals will be happy to assist you with your questions:

  • Laura Thomas or Nancy Stromann
    Physician Assistant Program Administrative Staff or | 757.446.7158

  • Jason Grahame, MPA, PA-C
    Admissions Director
    Physician Assistant Program | 757.446.7328

  • Rose Mwayungu, MSEd
    Admissions Systems Manager
    EVMS/School of Health Professions | 757.446.7096


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