Preceptor & Employer Questions

Questions typically asked by community healthcare providers or employers that are interested in precepting students are answered in this section.  Full information for preceptors is found on the PA Preceptors webpage.


How do I become involved as a Clinical Preceptor?

Providers must have a minimum of two years’ experience prior to precepting PA students. Clinical preceptors may be a PA, NP, MD, or DO.  You will need to fill out an affiliation agreement, preceptor availability and preceptor profile (these forms can be found here).

Please contact one of the Clinical Education Faculty below if you have additional questions:


What resources are available for Clinical Preceptors?

You can access our Preceptor Handbook through the Preceptors web page, this serves as a guide. We also offer CME credit for precepting students and community faculty status.


How do I become an affiliate Community Faculty Member at EVMS?

For those providers who show continued commitment to the PA program by hosting our PA students, we offer Community Faculty status, which grants providers access to the Brickell Library and to CME lectures offered on campus as EVMS. To request additional information or to start the application process, please contact one of the Clinical Education Faculty.


How do I advertise to hire a PA?

Our program maintains a Job Board for upcoming graduates and alumni of the program.  Information on jobs in Virginia or contiguous states can be posted for free by submitting the form located on the Job Board page.