The College of William & Mary

Program Advisor

Raymond W. McCoy, Ph.D. 
Associate Chair, Kinesiology & Health Sciences
Adair Hall, Room 111


Pre-Requisite Checklist 

Below are the courses offered through the College of William & Mary that will be accepted towards completing the eight (8) pre-requisites to apply to the PA Program at EVMS. Only one (1) of the acceptable courses listed is required to meet the pre-requisite. If multiple courses listed are on the transcript, the course with the highest grade will be utilized in our review.

NOTE: Any exceptions to these acceptable courses MUST be approved in advance and will not be granted retroactively.  

Please note that seven (7) of the pre-requisites must be completed before the EAP application deadline and that all courses must be completed at William & Mary without having been repeated for poor performance.

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Anatomy KINE 303 | Human Anatomy
Unchecked checkbox gray
Physiology KINE 304 | Human Physiology
Unchecked checkbox gray
General Chemistry CHEM 103 | General Chemistry I
Unchecked checkbox gray

Organic Chemistry OR

CHEM 206 | Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 414 | Biochemistry
Unchecked checkbox gray

Microbiology OR
Cell Biology

BIOL 306 | Microbiology
BIOL 310 | Molecular Cell Biology
Unchecked checkbox gray

General Psychology

PSYC 202 | Introduction to Psychology as a Social Science
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Upper Level Psychology     

PSYC 310 | Developmental Psychology
PSYC 318 | Abnormal Psychology 
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KINE 394 | Statistics & Evaluation
PSYC 301 | Elementary Statistics
         302 | Experimental Methods
MATH 106 | Elementary Probability & Statistics