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Dr. Gwynne D. Brown
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Pre-Requisite Checklist 

Below are the courses offered through Christopher Newport University that will be accepted towards completing the eight (8) pre-requisites to apply to the PA Program at EVMS. Only one (1) of the acceptable courses listed is required to meet the prerequisite. If multiple courses listed are on the transcript, the course with the highest grade will be utilized in our review.

NOTE: Any exceptions to these acceptable courses MUST be approved in advance and will not be granted retroactively.  

Please note that seven (7) of the prerequisites must be completed before the EAP application deadline and that a minimum of six (6) courses must be completed at Christopher Newport University without having been repeated for poor performance.

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Anatomy or A&P I

BIO 314 | Human Anatomy & Physiology I

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Physiology or A&P II BIO 315 | Human Anatomy & Physiology II 
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General or Intro Chemistry

CHEM 121 | General Chemistry I

CHEM 122 | General Chemistry II

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Organic Chemistry OR Biochemistry

CHEM 321 | Organic Chemistry I

CHEM 322 | Organic Chemistry II

CHEM 414 | Biochemistry I

CHEM 415 | Biochemistry II

CHEM 410 | Survey of Biochemistry 

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Microbiology OR Cell Biology

BIO 307 | Cell Biology

BIO 301 | Microbiology

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Introductory Psychology

PSYC 201 | Biological Basis of Behavior and Cognition

PSYC 202 | Social Context of Behavior and Cognition

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Upper Level Psychology course      

PSYC 207 | Lifespan Development

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College Math, Statistics, or Physics

MATH 125 | Statistics

PHYS 151 | Intermediate Physics

PHYS 152 | Intermediate Physics

PHYS 201 | General Physics

PHYS 201 | General Physics