The Graduate Certificate in Medical and Health Professions Education-Teaching provides advanced skills in developing appropriate instruction, curriculum and assessment strategies for academic and clinical settings with an emphasis on real-world, practical applications. This certificate program is designed for those who:

  • Wish to become more of an educational leader at their institution
  • Teach or plan to teach students, residents or other medical and health professionals
  • Play a role in curriculum development, revision or evaluation

Course Requirements

MHPE 608 Sociocultural Contexts of Teaching and Learning    3 Credits
MHPE 609 Designing Educational Experiences    3 Credits
MHPE 610 Practicum (Virtual)    3 Credits
  Total    9 Credits

Educational Format

Classes are taught online (asynchronous) which are ideal for participants who have professional and family responsibilities. 

Financial Aid

Private education loans may be available for those who qualify.

Tuition costs for the Medical and Health Professions Education-Teaching graduate certificates are based upon the number of credit hours taken per term. Tuition is due at the beginning of each term of your enrollment. For more information, please contact EVMS Financial Aid at for more information.

Course Descriptions

Sociocultural Contexts of Teaching and Learning

The goal of the course is to provide learners with a strong background for designing educational experiences, planning educational programs, and conducting research on a variety of teaching and learning-related questions. Application of principles to medical and health professions education is expected. The course is designed to help participants consider the meaning of learning and the various contextual factors that influence the learning process in higher education. This course explores the application of the learning science in the design of learning environments. Learners evaluate inclusive, diverse, and equitable educational environments and use insights to improve practices, as well as the technologies higher education institutions use to document and assess learning.

Designing Educational Experiences

This course prepares learners with theoretic foundations and best practices to plan, apply, design, and evaluate appropriate instructional methods to enhance learner achievement. Application of principles to medical and health professions education is expected. Learners will analyze a wide range of instructional methods and then design an array of formative and summative assessments utilizing evidence-based assessment instruments and techniques. 


The practicum provides learners with an in-depth supervised opportunity to apply knowledge and skills gained in the two MHPE core teaching courses – Sociocultural Contexts of Teaching and Learning and Designing Educational Experiences. Working as part of a simulated faculty team, learners will completely develop all components of an online course.  This is a virtual practicum.


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