Healthcare Compliance Manager

Works to maintain organizational compliance with federal, state and local regulatory requirements, and manages and implements departmental programs, policies and procedures in compliance with accreditation standards.

Healthcare Administrator

Supervises, coordinates and plans medical and health services for facilities with varying levels of responsibility based on the organizational setting and structure.

Healthcare Executive

Oversees the accomplishment of the mission of the organization, or a specific department, often with expertise in business, finance, information technology, or human resources.

Clinical Data Manager

Collects, enters, analyzes and reports data and findings in collaboration with researchers in organizations such as pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, government agencies and research universities. 

Health Information Management Professional

Identifies, designs and manages functions of health information systems and data infrastructure within organizations to provide electronic data in compliance with medical, legal and ethical standards of patient care.

Health Service Manager/Medical Program Manager

Manages projects and resources, to include personnel, equipment and facilities, as well as private and public funds.

Medical Practice Administrator

Directs medical practice operations by providing proper staffing, conducting recruiting activities, preparing staffing and training budgets and negotiating with vendors regarding medical supplies and pharmaceuticals.   

Nurse Manager

Supervises nursing units in hospital or clinic settings, hires and directs nursing staff, oversees patient care and makes budgeting decisions.