Requirements for Admission

  • A bachelor's degree awarded by a regionally accredited institution in the field of healthcare, education, management, or related disciplines.
  • Qualifying grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or better (on a 4-point scale), taken from the highest of the following three possible calculations:
    • Completed Undergraduate GPA (foreign degrees considered on a case by case basis)
    • Completed U.S. graduate degree GPA
    • A replacement GPA computed from the most recent 30 semester credit hours of U.S. coursework. This is a one-time calculation based on the transcript and will not be re-calculated despite completing additional courses. Applicants without 30 semester credits completed in the U.S. will not qualify for a replacement GPA.
  • An evaluation form from two individuals who can reasonably assess the applicant's ability to successfully complete the program. The evaluations should be completed electronically via GradCAS.
  • Make sure your recommenders submit this form through the GradCAS Evaluator portal 
  • A personal essay of approximately 300-500 words describing how the Healthcare Delivery Science, Master's program will enhance the applicant's academic and/or professional career goals.
  • Current resume/CV documenting professional experience and educational achievements.
  • Applicants must report all institutions attended and send all official transcripts to GradCAS. If you do not list or send official transcripts for all institutions attended, processing of your application may be delayed.
  • Official transcripts from each college/university attended, including an official transcript from any degree-granting institution that specifies the date upon which the degree was issued must be sent electronically or by mail directly to GradCAS. Any official transcripts sent to the program or the School of Health Professions Admissions and Enrollment departments will not be accepted.
  • Sending Transcripts Electronically (Click here for additional information)
  • Sending transcripts toGradCAS by mail
    • Download a transcript request form after you enter each institution in GradCAS
    • Send the transcript request form to the institution registrar to send transcript by mail to the address below:

                 GradCAS Transcript Processing Center
                 P.O. Box 9217
                 Watertown, MA 02471

Additional Requirements for International Applicants

English Proficiency Exams -- Competitive applicants should achieve or surpass the following scores for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL):

  • 80 for the Internet-based test (preferred),
  • 213 for Computer-based test or
  • 550 for the Paper-based test.

Scores must have been obtained within two years of the application date. This requirement will be waived for applicants who have completed an undergraduate or graduate degree from a regionally accredited institution in the United States.

In addition to official transcripts, applicants must provide both a transcript evaluation and translation, including a course-by-course evaluation and an overall GPA calculation:

Sending International Transcripts to GradCAS:

  • GradCAS will ONLY accept the evaluation report from the credentialing agency. DO NOT SEND your foreign transcript to GradCAS. 
  • All other foreign transcript evaluations from the credentialing agency must be sent directly to GradCAS to the following address:

          GradCAS Transcript Processing Center
          P.O. Box 9217
          Watertown, MA 02471

          GRE School Code:  5729    TOEFL School Code: B886

 Applicant Help Center

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  • Applicant Help Center
  • If you have questions about your application status, please contact your GradCAS Customer Service Representative at (857) 304-2086 or