Healthcare Analytics, MHA

Healthcare Analytics, MHA

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Become part of the next generation of health analytics innovators and unlock new ways to improve the quality of healthcare delivery.

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Robust and meaningful analytics holds the potential to transform the healthcare industry. In the Master of Healthcare Analytics program at EVMS, you will develop the skills to integrate, analyze and translate the results of health data. The program provides you with exposure to the computational and logistical skills applied to health data related to:

  • Claims and cost
  • Clinical trial outcomes
  • Research development and
  • Patient behaviors

Why analytics?

Through the use of statistical methods, retrospective performance measures, predictive modeling and computer optimization, healthcare analytics can offer insights to better outcomes in regulatory compliance, quality improvement, clinical decision support, population health management and healthcare delivery.

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You can master the essential skills needed to meet the growing demand for healthcare data analysis.

What you'll learn

With your Master of Healthcare Analytics, you'll be able to harness the power of data to solve problems and make decisions in healthcare organizations.

Program Director Tina Cunningham, PhD, explains how we train skilled leaders in the world of healthcare analytics.

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