All School of Health Professions programs for which EVMS serves as the school of record will use the following grading scale for those courses in which grades affect the Grade Point Average (GPA). Mathematical rules for rounding to the nearest whole number based on two decimal places apply. For example, a final grade of 93.45 would round to a 94 (A). A final grade of 93.44 would round to a 93 (A-).

EVMS SHP Grading Scale

PercentileLetter GradeGPA Weight
100-94 A 4.00
93-90 A- 3.67
89-87 B+ 3.33
86-84 B 3.00
83-80 B- 2.67
79-77 C+ 2.33
76-74 C 2.00
73-70 C- 1.67
69-67 D+ 1.33
66-64 D 1.00
63-60 D- 0.67
59 or less F 0.00

Late work

Unless approved in advance, late work will not be accepted.

Make-up policy

Make-up work will be allowed at the discretion of the faculty member and only under extenuating circumstances. Request for make-up work will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Academic integrity

All students in any program have read and signed the EVMS Honor Code and are expected to abide by this code. For further information about the EVMS Honor Code, please refer to the EVMS Student Handbook.