Uses math and statistics in the research of public health and medical issues affecting communities.

Community Outreach Program Manager

Coordinates and supervises health-related programs or community organizations, often managing and training staff and interacting with community leaders.

Director of Population Health

Develops governmental initiatives that focus on improving the health of the general public at the local, state or national level.

Emergency Preparedness Manager

Works with health departments on developing and implementing plans that enable municipalities to handle public health emergencies.

Environmental Health Specialist

Researches or investigates environmental factors that affect a population’s health, such as pollution, climate change, food safety, landfills and even neighborhood safety issues.


Identifies public health problems, researches their causes and reports findings to officials who can take the necessary steps to prevent the problem from spreading.

Health Administrator

Acts as general manager or primary administrator for healthcare facilities, or manages specific departments within healthcare centers.

Health Policy Analyst

Analyzes complex health policy problems and formulates recommended solutions, using public health expertise to educate legislators and advise healthcare leaders.

Health Services Manager

Oversees family health services, which may consist of managing finances, human resources and long-term planning.

Management Policy Advisor

Analyzes management activity and suggests policy changes to leaders of nonprofit and for-profit organizations, corporations and government bodies.

Public Health Librarian

Organizes medical data in hospitals, universities and libraries, and helps medical professionals conduct research.

Public Health Planner

Compiles and analyzes data pertinent to public health issues, sometimes overseeing divisions within public health departments and/or securing funding for public health programs.