Biotechnology Master's Program

test tubesThe Biotechnology Master’s Program at Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS) is a uniquely integrative research program that provides students with hands-on training in state-of-the-art molecular, genomic, proteomic, cellular and imaging techniques combined with a solid basis in the theoretical knowledge of biomedical sciences ‌and laboratory research design.



Misty Hill, Biotechnology Option 2012 Graduate

Biotechnology Option Graduate‌“When I was interviewing for a position involving PCR, I was able to present data I produced. Confocal Microscopy? I could provide images from my work. Western blot? Look at this factor I cloned and expressed. It is easy to prepare for any interview when you have hands-on experience.  I left EVMS prepared, since I understood the methodology of these techniques.”

Misty Hill is currently in her second year of employment as an Associate Scientist in Microbiology at a biotech company in Research Triangle Park, NC. Before entering the graduate program at EVMS, Misty had worked for a year in the pharmaceutical industry. She specifically selected a program that would put her ahead in the job market. The Biotechnology Master’s Program at EVMS excels at sending their students into the workforce with hands-on training using the latest research techniques and methodology, including the application of  mass spectrometry technology for qualitative and quantitative analysis of biomolecules. 

Biotechnology Option Graduate

Katrina Crawford"‌‌When you apply for jobs, the number one question is, "Have you actually performed these techniques?" …..Having done the biotech option, almost every job interview I went on, I could give them a positive answer for this."

Katrina Crawford
EVMS Biomedical Sciences Research Master's Program Graduate
Biotechnology Option


Virginia Biotechnology Association

 "The Virginia Biotechnology Association will be delighted to help you locate internships for students in biotech companies for your new Biotechnology Master's program."

Jeffrey M. Gallagher
Virginia Biotechnology Association

Interested Off-Campus Participants

LifeNet Health, Virginia Beach, VA

Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services, Richmond, VA

INDOOR Biotechnologies, Inc, Charlottesville, VA

 This website reflects current program information, including admissions criteria and curricula.  Information is subject to change.


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