PMAT Program Admissions Requirements

Both personal characteristics and academic qualifications of applicants are evaluated to insure that students are capable of developing professional competence as art therapists. Our‌ Admissions Guide booklet details these requirements for application to the Art Therapy Post Master's Program.  This guide contains specific information about the admissions requirements, process and timeline for the program.

This brief checklist outlines the major components necessary to complete your application and be considered for a potential interview. 



                          APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS


QUALIFYING GPA  (3.00 or better)


U.S. CITIZEN or Permanent Resident



MASTER’S DEGREE completed in Counseling, Psychology, Social Sciences or related field completed (no later than one month prior to matriculation)


All PREREQUISITE COURSEWORK* satisfactorily completed (no later than July 1st)

Undergraduate Level Prerequisite Courses

  • 12 semester credit hours in Psychology (must include Developmental, Abnormal, and Theories of Personality)
  • 18 semester credit hours in Studio Art (must include Painting, Drawing, Sculpture/3D and Clay/Ceramics)

Graduate Level Prerequisite Courses

  • 12 semester credit hours in the following topics: Psychopathology, Human Growth & Development, Counseling and Psychological Theories, Assessment, Research Methods, and Cultural and Social Diversity

Online Application and fee  

  •      Official transcript(s) from all academic institutions attended
  •      Official GRE score report (optional, improves ranking)
  •      Official TOEFL scores (if applicable)
  •      Three (3) letters of reference
  •      Writing Sample

Official TRANSCRIPT(S) for any outstanding prerequisites, and/or proof of enrollment in prerequisite courses should be submitted to:
     EVMS PMAT Program 
     School of Health Professions 
     ATTN: Admissions & Enrollment Office 
     700 West Olney Road, Suite 1155
     Norfolk, VA 23501