Resident Wellness Program

The purpose of the resident wellness program is to promote the well-being of residents and fellows during their training at EVMS.  This is a resident-driven program with members from the EVMS Resident and Fellow Association (RAFA) and from focus group participants that helped in the development of this program design.

The goal of the wellness program is to provide residents with practical stress coping strategies that involve either 1:1, small group, or large group experiences. The following are the current components of the Resident Wellness Program:


EVMS Contact: Dr. Caroline Bertolet
Coordinator, GME Wellness and Leadership Program
Direct Line: 757-446-6190 


Description of the Resident Wellness Program components

Couples In Medicine Group

The Couples In Medicine group is designed to build community and support for spouses and significant others that have a loved one who is a resident or fellow trainee at EVMS. The group is co-facilitated by a spouse of a resident and fellow. They work on pulling together the activities and social events for this group annually.  The current Faculty Sponsor for the group is Anke Hacker, MD (


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Resident and Fellow Association (RAFA)

The Residents and Fellows Association (RAFA) is dedicated to the academic success, professional enrichment, community service, and strengthening of camaraderie of all Eastern Virginia Medical School's residents, fellows, interns, and training programs. We are served by an Executive Board, who are supported by the Institution, the Office of Graduate Medical Education (GME), program directors and program coordinators.

Our intent is for the Association is to serve as forum for connecting across residency program and addressing issues as relevant to our academic and clinical environments.

Join the Facebook Group*: EVMS Resident and Fellows Association

*Note: EVMS restricts access on the EVMS network to a variety of social media sites, unless you have a work related need. Please access this Facebook Group using a personal device/network.


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Final Rounds Gathering

Final Rounds which is a monthly gathering (first Thursday of the month) for residents and fellows to explore challenges related to loss of patients and other difficult challenges facing residents and fellows. Final Rounds is facilitated by Dr. Marissa Castillo, Department of Internal Medicine, Sue Faulkner Scribner Professor of Geriatrics, and Section Head for Palliative Care; and Ms. Susan Thompson, LCSW with Palliative Medicine. All residents and fellows are invited to attend. If you have questions about the meeting, please contact Dr. Castillo at (


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International Medical Graduates (IMGs)

This group will consist of residents and fellows from multiple EVMS programs that meet periodically throughout the yeat. The focus of the group will be developing coping skills related to acculturation stress as an international medical graduate training in the United States. Each group session will have a topic focus for discussion with members sharing experiences and resources with group members.  To sign up for this group, contact Dr. Caroline Bertolet, Coordinator, GME Wellness and Leadership Coaching Program (


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