Resident Wellness Program

The purpose of the resident wellness program is to promote the well-being of residents and fellows during their training at EVMS.  This is a resident-driven program with members from the EVMS Resident and Fellow Association (RAFA) and from focus group participants that helped in the development of this program design.

The goal of the wellness program is to provide residents with practical stress coping strategies that involve either 1:1, small group, or large group experiences. The following are the current components of the Resident Wellness Program:


EVMS Contact: Dr. Agatha Parks-Savage
Assistant Dean of Graduate Medical Education
Direct Line: 757-446-6190 


Description of the Resident Wellness Program components

Couples Support Group

The couples group is designed to build community and support for spouses and significant others that have a loved one who is a resident or fellow trainee at EVMS. The group is co-facilitated by a spouse of a resident and fellow. They work on pulling together the activities and social events for this group annually.  The current leadership contacts for this group are TJ Waud (Spouse is Kay Waud, MD, 3rd Year Sub-Specialty Fellow in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility) and Tiffany Ortiz (Spouse is Daniel Ortiz, MD, PGY-2 Radiology).


Running Club

The running club is more than just residents and fellows running together. It helps to build a social and collegial connection between residents and fellows that is beyond just passing each other in the hallways. This group is currently co-lead by two residents and the running schedules vary depending on seasons. The current leadership contacts for this group are 

Andrew Bluher (PGY-2, Otolaryngology)  and Valerie German (PGY-2, Intern Medicine)


RAFA Wellness Newsletter

The wellness electronic newsletter will focus on hot topics related to resident and fellow health and well-being during their training time at EVMS. The contents of the newsletter are generated by EVMS residents and fellows. The co-editors are the President of the EVMS Resident and Fellow Association (RAFA) and the GME educational consultant. It will be disseminated periodically through the GME Office. The leadership contacts for the newsletter are Heather Newton, EdD (GME Education Consultant) and Valerie German (2015 President of RAFA and PGY-2, Internal Medicine).


Annual Wellness Presentations

Through the RAFA, residents and fellows will have an opportunity each year to suggest a speaker to bring on campus that can address topics related to well-being and stress management. 

Previous Speakers  include:  “White Coat Investor” Jim Dahle, MD

For questions about the invited speakers, contact Agatha Parks-Savage, EdD   (Assistant Dean of GME)



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