If you have any questions about your trainees, contact:

Candice George (Georgec@evms.edu): Transferring, both within EVMS and out

Candice George (Georgec@evms.edu): Early/Late Terminating Trainees 

Amanda Parker (Parkerak@evms.edu): Terminating Trainee paperwork


8-10-16: Exiting Trainees Checklist status - We only have 12 of the 26 Programs who are 100% complete on their exiting trainee checklists. The GME Office has reviewed all Pending steps, and has processed all paperwork dropped off in the GME Office, as of 1pm today. Please upload documents left with the Programs as soon as possible. The GME Office has until Aug 22nd to complete two reports using this information. 


To view the checklist status of your trainees/Program in Ni, click Personnel > Checklists: Advancement > Progress (Checklist: Exiting Trainees (GME))

Once you see your list of trainees and their status, click on their name to see their checklist and the specific steps. Several steps were returned due to missing information; notes were included on these steps