Interns/Residents/Fellows new to EVMS must participate in the GME Onboarding process. Below you can find information regarding the Onboarding process, updating as we move through the Orientation season. If you have any questions regarding onboarding a new trainee that hasn't been answered here, email Candice George at

2-3-17: Advanced Matched Trainees - Reminder emails of contract deadlines went out today.

1-11-17: Advanced Matched Trainees - Checklist for Advanced Matched trainees went out a few days early.  This will not effect the "due by" date.

12-21-16: Advanced Matched trainees - Advanced matched trainees have been added to Ni and contracts sent to coordinators for distributions. "Initial GME Packets" will be sent out no later than January 15th and due back to the GME Office by January 31st.

8-9-16: Onboarding Checklist status - You may have noticed that the Onboarding checklist have started to disappear for your new trainees.  As the GME Office works through them, they are being archived.  Your trainees are being notified if they are missing anything.  In most cases it is the GME Transferring form, a medical school diploma and/or the Professional Standard of Conduct.  If you see an email from Candice George regarding one of these forms missing, please prompt your trainee to follow up ASAP.

8-2-16: Temporary License update (New) - The GME Office has been working with the Board of Medicine to receive the 40 missing temporary licenses for our folks that started July 1.  I received those licenses today.  There were 2 issues. First, the Board of Medicine has outsourced that part of the licensure process.  There was a glitch some where and the licenses were not printed.  The 2nd issue I didn't discover until today. About 2/3 of these licenses have the wrong address on them.  At some point, probably when the trainee applied for PMP, the address of record was changed. We instructed the trainees NOT to change the address of record from the GME Office when applying for PMP because it causes issues down the line.  The GME Office not receiving a license is one of the issues. Some licenses had the practice address. Some have the Coordinator's address and some even have the trainee's home address.  Instructions will be sent to those who need to update their information within the next week.

7-7-16: Incoming Trainee Paperwork - The GME Office is processing the final pieces of paperwork for our new class of trainees.  If you trainee is missing anything, they will receive a personal email from Candice George copying the Program Coordinator.  If your trainee receives this email, please make sure that they complete the request ASAP.