Resident and Fellow Educational Groups

The resident and fellow educational groups have been designed to assist in developing personal and professional coping strategies to manage the complexity of balancing the humanistic element of compassionate patient care as a physician. The following are the educational groups that will be facilitated by Leadership Coaches from the Old Dominion University PhD Counselor Education and Supervision program:



Professional and Personal Development 

This group will start January 2016. The focus of the group will be help residents and fellows prepare for the balancing the complexity of patient care, effective communications skills, and personal development. Each group session will have a topic focus for discussion, individual assessment, small group discussion, and members sharing experiences and resources with group members. This educational group be integrated into the resident/fellow educational curriculum as defined by the program directors. For more information about including this educational series into your program , contact Dr. Agatha Parks-Savage, Assistant Dean of Graduate Medical Education (