Annual Program Evaluation (APE)

The Annual Program Evaluation Report Format (Report Format) has been revised and is ready for use.  While individual program Annual Program Evaluation formats may vary and include areas not on the Report Format, all programs must use the Report Format for submission to the Graduate Medical Education Council. 

In compliance with the ACGME quality cycle approach to these reviews, each of the 4 APE areas (Evaluation of Program Quality, Evaluation of Resident Performance, Evaluation of Faculty Performance and Development, Evaluation of Graduate Performance) will require corrective action plans for identified deficit areas. 

Section 8 (ACGME Self-Study Information) requires the Program Education Committee to begin the ACGME 10 Year Self-Study process.  The entries are limited to the same word count as the ACGME Self-Study report format.  Links to examples of Program Descriptions, Program Aims, Identified Opportunities, and Threats to the Program are provided and further information may be found on the ACGME web site and in the following documents. 

Report Format Sections 1-7 should be completed prior to developing responses for Section 8.  Section 8 should be a living document to be reviewed and revised during each APE.

This is a new form and is intended to make this easier for you and the Program Education Committee.  While we have taken much care in developing this format, there may be unforeseen issue so if you have questions or problems with the form, contact either Dr. Linda Archer or Dr. Heather Newton at 446-6190.