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Outside Resources

Other Places to Look for Funding

Continue to search for any and all resources such as outside scholarships and/or low interest loans.  Look to alumni groups, civic organizations within the community, religious affiliation as well as any organization with which you or a member of your family has a connection.  Do not be afraid to approach family, friends or members of your community.  Not everyone will be able to help, but by networking, you may connect with that individual or organization who can.  Every gift dollar received is a dollar less to borrow and a dollar less to repay in achieving your educational goals. 


  • speaking with parents and extended family members about assistance, however small, (do any of their employers offer scholarships or sponsoring programs; can they help pay interest on your loans while you are enrolled);
  • speaking with your family doctor to see if they can act as a mentor or perhaps suggest a patron or benefactor;
  • using free scholarship search sites such as to search for outside resources; or
  • searching for program specific funding like -
    • National Health Service Corps Scholarship (NHSC) program for MD & MPA students
    • Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) Scholarships for medical or physician assistant students entering the military
    • other government funding agencies.

Whenever the Office of Financial Aid (OFA) learns of possible scholarships, we will post to the EVMS Student Portal and send an announcement to the eligible group(s) at their EVMS email address.  We also maintain a Scholarship Listing - Historical for which students have applied in the past.  This is not meant to be an up-to-date or complete listing, simply a historical one, but the list is reviewed annually to confirm web addresses, etc.  Please notify OFA if you experience any broken links or inaccurate information so we may update this listing.