Visit for your federal Direct Loans. Whether completing the federal loan process, learning about repayment options, or tracking your financial aid history, this site is for you. 

Sign in using your FAFSA PIN. From your profile page, you can navigate to check completed documents (in the upper left navigation) or complete necessary steps.

For each type of loan:

  1. Complete entrance counseling.
  2. Complete a master promissory note.
  3. For Grad PLUS, complete the Grad PLUS request (credit check).

If you are denied Grad PLUS:

  1. Request an appeal to determine why you were denied.
  2. Check the credit report used.
  3. Correct the problem if possible.
  4. Apply with an endorser if a correction is not possible.
  5. You may need to complete a new master promissory note and endorser addenda after the approval of the endorser.