Financial Aid Award Notice

Approximately 30 days before the beginning of your program/cohort's academic year, an award notice will be posted to your EVMS Online Financial Aid System.  FA will email you at your FAFSA and EVMS email advising you to go online to review and accept, reduce or decline each award.  Please review your email and awards tab carefully, calculate  how much funding you will need for the year, and submit your response.   Your award notice contains:

  • the program/cohort cost of attendance on which your award was based;
  • your expected family contribution as determined by your FAFSA;
  • a breakdown of the types of available aid;
  • an opportunity to accept, reduce or decline one or more of your loans;
  • instructions of how to complete loan process; and
  • dates by which to have the loan process completed. 

Once you have submitted your response online, if you wish to make further changes, you must do so with a Federal Direct Loan Change form.  You may visit your disbursements tab to see scheduled and actual disbursement dates (when funds are released).   Contact EVMS Financial Aid with any questions.