If you plan to walk at EVMS Commencement, you must wear proper regalia. 

Class Instructions

Class of 2022

You must order your regalia, but EVMS covers the cost, as well as the direct shipping costs to your home.

Returning Alumni

If you no longer have your complimentary regalia from when you graduated, please order your replacement regalia or any missing components at your own cost.


To ensure that your regalia arrives in time to participate in the ceremony, orders must be placed by Monday, March 21, 2022. It typically takes 2-4 weeks to receive regalia, so we recommend that you place your order early to ensure it arrives by Commencement Day. Additionally, for our international students – shipping may be delayed to international addresses. Please do not wait until the deadline to place your order.

Preparation and Donning

Graduates and Returning Alumni are responsible for bringing regalia to Commencement on Saturday, May 14, 2022. EVMS staff will be on site to assist with donning regalia, but please make note of some general recommendations below:

Before Commencement

  • When your regalia arrives, immediately remove regalia from its packaging and ensure that all items are included (gown, hood, tassel, mortarboard or tam, and military honor cord, if applicable).
  • Iron or steam regalia to remove wrinkles prior to Commencement.


Master’s level candidates will wear their hoods as they process into the arena. All Doctoral candidates will carry their hoods over the left arm and will be hooded on stage. To wear:

  • Front: Place the narrowest part of the hood over the graduate's head - velvet facing up, black cord facing down.
  • Back: Turn the inside satin panels to face outward. Fasten the black cord around the button on the opposite side.

Mortarboard (Master's)

Your cap should be worn so that the mortarboard is parallel with the ground, with the tassel placed to the left.

Tam (Doctoral)

The tam should be worn with one of the corners facing forward, bringing a point between your eyes. Adjust the top of the tam to have a slight tilt to the right. The top should have a slight puff to it.


Should be worn to the left (Note: there is no turning of the tassel from right to left for Master's and Doctoral level graduates).

Questions? Learn how to properly prepare and wear Master's & Doctoral regalia in this quick video from EVMS' regalia partner, Oak Hall.


Master's candidates

All Master’s level candidates will wear their hoods as they process into the arena.

Doctoral candidates

All Doctoral (PhD, DHSC, EdD, MD) candidates and Returning Alumni will carry their hoods over the left arm and will be hooded on stage.

All Doctoral (PhD, DHSC, EdD, MD) candidates and Returning Alumni have the opportunity to be hooded on stage during Commencement by family members who meet the Doctoral Hooding Commencement Policy. Those who are eligible will submit a request for approval through the Commencement registration site. Upon approval, eligible graduates and returning alumni will be contacted with all necessary information about your (and your family member’s) role in the Commencement Ceremony. If you have any questions, please email EVMS Special Events

Honor Cords, Stoles & Other Embellishments

EVMS graduates are permitted to wear up to two national honor society cords and/or one national honor society stole with their academic regalia, if they were:

  • identified, presented or provided by a program,
  • earned or awarded while at EVMS, and
  • approved by the marshals for wear at the Commencement ceremony.

The approved cord(s) may be worn with the graduate’s academic regalia, with hood worn over the cord(s). The approved stole may be worn with the graduate’s academic regalia, with stole worn over the hood.

No other embellishments to the academic regalia including cap, gown, tam or hood shall be permitted.

EVMS recognizes all military graduates, faculty and platform party members (whether active duty, reserve, guard, veteran or retired) at Commencement by bestowing a military honor cord to be worn with academic regalia. Participants who meet the criteria should indicate so on their registration. The military cord will be provided with regalia and may be worn in addition to other honor society cords and/or stoles. The military cord may be worn with academic regalia, with cord worn under the hood.

Find more details about this year's Commencement. For questions or additional information, please contact EVMS Special Events.