Below are the list of available presentations for the 7th Annual Eastern Pediatric Trauma Conference.  We encourage you to download or print these prior to the meeting.  Please check back for updates.

Slide content is owned by the presenter and should not be used without consent from the presenter.

8:00am Keeping Kids out of the Trauma Bay: Injury Prevention Initiatives - Katherine P. Davenport, MD 

9:00am Pre-hospital Evaluation and Management of the Pediatric Neurosurgical Patient - Adam Conley, MD

10:30am Trauma Beyond the Trauma Bay - Anne West Kesner, MA, BCC, CT and Anne Russell, LCSW

11:30am The Intersection of Medicine and Minor Victims of Trafficking: Development of a Trauma Informed Collaborative Response Within the Healthcare System (Not available) - Dawn Scaff, MSN, RN, SANE–P and Daisy Schuurman

1:30pm Pre-hospital Blood Administration in the Pediatric Population - Denise Baylous, MSN, RN-C, NRP 

3:00pm The Diagnosis of Fatal Child Abuse: Lessons from the Collaboration of a Child Abuse Pediatrician and a Forensic Pathologist (Not available) - Wendy M. Gunther, MD and Suzanne P. Starling, MD