Below are the list of available presentations for the 2022 Eastern Region HIV/AIDS Fall Summit.  We encourage you to download or print these prior to the meeting.  Please check back for updates.

Slide content is owned by the presenter and should not be used without consent from the presenter.

8:00am  HIV Update for Virginia - State of Affairs - Catherine J. F. Derber, MD (updated 09-22-12)

8:30am  What's New, What's Not in HIV/AIDS for 2022 - Catherine J. F. Derber, MD (updated 09-22-12)

9:00am  Monkeypox Update - Edward C. Oldfield, III, MD (updated 09-22-12)

9:30am  Mental Health and HIV - Seth H. Warren, MD

10:45am  HIV and Aging - Kanishk Deep Sharma, MD (updated 09-22-12)

12:45pm  Weight Gain and ART - Kristen E. Lindauer, PharmD (updated 09-22-12)

1:45pm  How to Reduce Racial Inequities/Disparities in HIV Care: From a Clinical and Non-Clinical Perspective - Cynthia C. Romero, MD and Mekbib L. Gemeda