Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What do grand rounds cost to attend?

A. All grand rounds and case presentations offered at EVMS are free of charge to attendees.

Q. Can non-EVMS faculty attend grand rounds?

A. Yes! We invite all members of the medical community to attend grand rounds.

Q. Does this include medical students?

A. Yes, medical students are encouraged to attend as well. 

Q.  Do you jointly sponsor educational activities with non-EVMS affiliated organizations?

A.  Yes.  We often work with various medical societies, associations, organizations to offer both our meeting planning services and CME credit.

Q. What is the average cost for conferences?

A. Conference costs are dependent on the location, number of days, expected number of attendees, and guest faculty.  Contact the Director of CME to give you a general idea (757-446-6140)

Q. How soon after a conference do I receive a certificate?

A.  Usually within 2 weeks; however, it will also be in our database and can be accessed at any time by clicking here.

Q. If I attend grand rounds, will I receive a certificate?

A. No, the Office of CME does not provide certificates for regularly scheduled activities; but your credit can be accessed at any time by clicking here.

 Q. How do I obtain a transcript?  Is there an associated cost?

A. Transcripts are available at no charge and can be obtained by clicking here. Enter your personal information and the date range for which you need to view credit. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view your transcript (free program installed on most computers already).

Q. I entered my information in transcripts, but it doesn’t show any credits.

A. The most common reason transcripts will not populate is when the CME Office does not have your personal information recorded correctly in our database. Please call or email our office at and we will be glad to update our system accordingly.

Q. In reviewing my transcript, it doesn’t appear all my credits are included.

A. There are several reasons for a possible discrepancy. If you have a discrepancy please contact our
     office and we will assist you in correcting your transcript. To reduce errors, please keep the following
     most common causes in mind:

  • When signing in as “Other” please be sure to add your credentials so our office knows to give you the proper credit
  • Illegible signatures without credentials are difficult for our office to award credit. Please be sure when hand-writing a signature on a blank sign-in page that your signature is clearly legible and includes your credentials. Your credentials allow us to assign appropriate credit.
  • You have been a speaker. When speaking at an activity, our office is unable to award your credit. You can however, earn double credit by applying directly to the AMA.
  • If you attended a conference, please be sure you have turned in the evaluation sheet marking the sessions you attended.

Q. Can I sign-up for your mailing list?

A. We no longer have a mailing list; however, you can check our website calendar as it is updated daily with our educational activities at