Ophthalmic Technology Program Technical Standards

Students admitted to the Ophthalmic Technology Program at Old Dominion University / Eastern Virginia Medical School can be expected to complete the course requirements which necessitate the physical and mental abilities listed below.

Any student who thinks he/she does not possess one or more of the following skills should seek assistance from an academic counselor or facility advisor and Disabled Student Services concerning any flexibility in program requirements and possible accommodation through technical aids and assistance.

1.0 Observation Skills Technical Standard

1.01 Students must have excellent corrected visual acuity and the ability to see depth and color.

1.02 Students must have the ability to read charts, records, scales, small print, and handwritten notations.

2.0 Communication Skills Technical Standard

2.01 Students must be able to speak, hear, and observe patients in order to ascertain information and perceive nonverbal communication.

2.02 Students must be able to communicate effectively and efficiently in oral and written form, in order to interact with patients and other health professionals.

3.0 Critical Reasoning Skills Technical Standard

3.01 Students must have the ability to assimilate knowledge acquired through lectures, discussion, and readings.

3.02 Students must comprehend and apply basic arithmetic and algebraic skills.

3.03 Students must comprehend and apply abstract concepts from biological, sociological and psychological sciences.

4.0 Motor And Sensory Function Technical Standard

4.01 Students must have sufficient motor functions to operate ophthalmic equipment, as well as execute movements required to provide general patient care.

4.02 Students must possess the ability to move independently from room to room and maneuver in small spaces.

4.03 Students must possess the stamina to examine patients and attend lectures within the eight hour, normal work day, both in clinic and private practice settings, and complete requirements within the allotted 22-month period.

4.04 Indicators include, but are not limited to, this example:

a. Physical stamina sufficient to complete the rigorous course of didactic and clinical study, which may include prolonged periods of sitting, standing, and/or rapid ambulation.

5.0 Behavioral And Social Attributes Technical Standard

5.01 Students must posses the ability to exercise good judgment, the capability to develop mature, sensitive and effective relationships with patients.

5.02 Indicators include, but are not limited to, this example:

a. Compliance with standards, policies, and practices set forth in the Ophthalmic Technology Academic Student Handbook, the EVMS Student Handbook and the ODU Student Handbook.