Scientific Forum 

A Scientific Forum is held annually in June. Residents at the PGY-3, 4, and 5 levels are required to present research resulting from a clinical or basic science project.  First and second year residents are encouraged to present, although not required to do so. Categorical and preliminary residents are required to attend. The Scientific Forum culminates in the Resident Award Banquet held at the Norfolk Yacht and Country Club. Prizes are awarded for outstanding papers. 


Moderator:  L. D. Britt, MD, MPH Brickhouse Professor and Chairman


Adoptive Cell Transfer as Personalized Immunotherapy for Human Solid Cancer

Parisa Malekzadeh, MD (Stephanie Goff, MD; Richard Sherry, MD; James Yang, MD; Steven A. Rosenberg, MD)


Prognosis if Patients Receiving Multiple Vasopressors

Matthew Ng, MD (Jessica Burgess, MD)


Gerontology Consultations in Elderly Trauma:  Useful or Not?

Christine Lin Ramirez, MD (Jessica Burgess, MD; Jay Collins, MD)


Predicting Postoperative Complications for Patients Undergoing Exploratory Laparotomy Using the American College of Surgeons NSQIP Surgical Risk Calculator

Benjamin Smith, MD (Jessica Burgess, MD)


Duplex Criteria for In-Stent Restenosis of Mesenteric Arteries

Michael Soult MD (Joseph Wuamett, MD; Christopher Stout, MD; Sebastian Larion, MD; Sadie Ahanchi, MD; Jean Panneton, MD)


Effect of Implementation of Straight Catheter Protocol on Rate of Urinary Tract Infections in Trauma Population

Katherine Kelley, MD (Theresa Johnson, NP; Jay Collins, MD)


Volumetric Analysis of the Initial Index Computed Tomography (CT) Scan Can Predict the Natural History of Acute Uncomplicated Type B Dissections

Kedar Lavingia, MD (Sadie Ahanchi, MD; Jean Panneton, MD)


Surgical Outcomes and the Acute Care Model

Nicholas Bandy, MD (Rebecca Britt, MD)


The Effect of Energy Devices on Surrounding Tissues

John Pendleton, MD (Rebecca Britt, MD)


The Addition of a Breast Reconstrcution Specialist Increases the Rate of Bilateral Mastectomy with Reconstruction

Charleston Chua, MD (Lambros Viennas, MD) 


Role of Achilees Tendon Lengthening for Diabetic Food Ulceration

Claudia Kim, MD (Lawrence Colen, MD)


Is There a Higher Incidence of Deep Venous Thrombosis Associated with Cooling Catheter Use in Severe Traumatic Brain Injury Patients?

Brian Myer, MD (Jay Collins, MD)


Outcomes of Open Ventral Hernia Repair with and without Components Separation:  A Single Institution Experience with Complex Ventral Hernia Repairs

Patricia Teschke, MD (Lambros Viennas, MD)


Does the Use of Antegrade Limb Perfusion Decrease the Risk of Lamb Ischemia in Patients on V-A ECMO?

Robert Lyons, MD (David Dexter, MD)


Inpatient Peripherally Inserted Central Venous Catheter Complications:  Should PICC Lines Be Placed in the ICU Setting?

Michael Martyak, MD (I. Kabir, MD, Rebecca Britt, MD)


Diagnostic Laparoscopy Remains Valuable in Staging Pancreatic Neoplasms

Vasliena Zheleva, MD (Rebecca Lofgren, MD; Eric Feliberti, MD; Roger Perry, MD)


Evaluating Trends in Lower Extremity Trauma Reconstruction:  Is a 72 Hour Goal No Longer Necessary?

Eva Dentcheva, MD (Timothy Novosel, MD)