Residency Benefits

White Coats

Residents are issued two long, white lab coats, embroidered with their name and "Department of Surgery at the beginning of their PGY-1 year and at the beginning of their Chief year. Residents also have a one time $80 coat allowance to be used at anytime during their residency.

Education Allowance

The Department of Surgery provides each resident with a $300 book allowance. This allowance is to be used for educational materials such as textbooks, journals, study guides, and web subscriptions. Effective July 2010, book funds may no longer be used for PDAs and loupes. All funds are to be used by June 15th. Any remaining balance may not be transferred to the following year. Charges may be made directly to your expense account at the EVMS Matthews Medical Book Store located in Lewis Hall. No charge may be completed without Department approval. (Bookstore personnel will call to confirm funds are available).

Residents may be reimbursed for pre-approved purchases. Original receipts are to be submitted to the Residency Program Coordinator.


Residents are provided with meal tickets (2 tickets/call). As of June 25th, 2012 Sentara Hospitals will be converting from paper meal tickets to electronic meal cards.

Professional Conference Attendance

Chief residents are permitted to attend one education conference of their choice during their final year of training. Chiefs will be reimbursed for registration, airfare, hotel and meals that are within a reasonable amount. An academic travel checklist (required for all academic travel) must be completed and turned into the Education Specialist 30 days prior to travel.

Surgical Library

The Brickell Library, located on the Sentara/EVMS campus, is available to all residents. Each hospital in which residents rotate also house a library that is available to residents. The "Resident Lounge," located in the Department of Surgery provides current texts, journals, Selected Readings, and video collections. These materials may be signed out, according to the Honor Code system.

Society Memberships

The Department of Surgery pays the required fees to ensure that all current categorical residents receive ACS resident membership annually.  Membership to the American Association of Women Surgeons is also paid annually for female categorical residents.


  • Health Insurance-a health insurance plan is provided at no cost to the resident. Residents may add coverage for a spouse and/or minor dependents through a cost-sharing program.
  • Dental-an optional dental plan is available
  • Liability-residents are provided professional liability insurance with coverage limits
  • Life insurance-term life insurance, equal to the annual stipend rounded to the highest thousandth, is provided to all trainees receiving stipends.
  • Disability

Free Parking

Parking is provided free of charge to all residents on the Eastern Virginia Medical Center complex and at all affiliated teaching institutions which are located off campus.