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Stipend Rate & Benefits


The boards of individual specialties may have specific requirements for the amount of time spent in a training program. If an extended leave of absence, for any reason, is necessary, the trainee should discuss the effect of the leave on the requirements and duration of the training program.

Vacation: Three weeks (15 scheduled workdays) of paid vacation per academic year are provided.  Vacation requests must receive approval in advance from the program director, and trainees should check with the program director regarding program-specific policies.  Vacation requests will not be approved during the first week of July or last week of June. The number of vacation days will be prorated if the GME trainee's start date is other than July 1.

Sick Leave: Sick leave may be authorized with full pay and benefits for a period not to exceed four weeks.  Extended leaves require documentation from the treating physician. The number of sick days will be prorated if the GME trainee's start date is other than July 1.

Maternity Leave: Leave is provided through a combination of sick leave and vacation leave. 

Paternity/Adoption Leave: Leave is provided through the use of vacation leave.

Holidays: Graduate Medical Education trainees are responsible for the clinical care of the patients within the educational program. To this end, trainees are not afforded the standard institutional holidays. The education committee of each individual training program has a set policy, which guides the provision of national, state and religious holidays.

Educational Leave: Subject to approval by the program director.

  • Post Graduate Year 1 - $54,417
  • Post Graduate Year 2 - $55,917
  • Post Graduate Year 3 - $57,415
  • Post Graduate Year 4 - $58,913
  • Post Graduate Year 5 - $60,413
  • Post Graduate Year 6 - $61,910
  • Post Graduate Year 7 - $63,565