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Stipend Rate & Benefits

Stipend Rates & Benefits

Stipends A total of 12 stipend checks are issued each academic year and trainees are encouraged to participate in the direct deposit program. Stipend rates are reviewed annually in March of each year and you will be notified of the revised stipend rates. Stipends are guaranteed for 2013/2014 rates listed below for the 2 Vascular fellowship years:

  • 6th Post Graduate Year $59,498.00
  • 7th Post Graduate Year $61,087.00

Insurance  Professional Liability: Professional liability insurance is provided to graduate medical education trainees covering those clinical activities related to the educational program. The liability coverage meets the requirements established by the Code of Virginia. Tail coverage for clinical activities within the educational program is provided. This insurance is not in effect for clinical activities occurring outside of the educational program.  

Dental: A dental insurance policy is available to trainees. The premium is the responsibility of the trainee. Short Term Disability Insurance: Short Term Disability is provided by the employer at no cost. The benefit provides 50% of base pay after the 14 day elimination period. Coverage is for a maximum of six (6) months inclusive of sick and vacation leave. In order to qualify for this benefit, employees must submit to the Human Resources Department a written request that includes proper documentation of their disability. Long Term

Disability Insurance: Long-term disability insurance is provided with coverage equal to sixty percent (60%) of the gross salary when combined with social security and other benefits.

Health: Trainees are provided group health insurance. The institution offers four policies and the trainees are covered for the lowest premium. If the trainee chooses a more expensive policy or wishes to add a spouse or dependent children, there is a co-payment on the premium.  Life Insurance: Term life insurance is provided in an amount equal to the annual stipend rounded to the nearest high thousand. Leave  

Vacation: Three (3) weeks of paid vacation per academic year are provided. Vacation requests must receive advanced approval from the program director and trainees should check with the program director regarding program specific policies. Vacation requests will not be approved during the first week of July or last week of June.  

Sick Leave: Sick leave may be authorized with full pay and benefits for a period not to exceed four (4) weeks. Extended leaves require documentation from the treating physician.  

Maternity Leave: Leave is provided through a combination of sick leave and vacation leave.  Paternity/Adoption Leave: Leave is provided through the use of vacation leave.  

Holidays: Graduate Medical Education trainees are responsible for the clinical care of the patients within the educational program. To this end, trainees are not afforded the standard institutional holidays. The Education Committee of each individual training program has set policy which guides the provision of national, state and religious holidays.

Social Security  Federal Social Security Tax is deducted from the trainee's stipend check. International medical graduates should contact the Office of Human Resources for clarification of the status of this requirement.

Other Benefits:  Cell Phone Supplement, Conference Reimbursement, Specialty-specific Practice Management, 5 paid days for Board Exam or Interviews.