Faculty & Staff

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Rebecca C. Britt , MD , FACS


Jessica R. Burgess , MD , FACS

Jay N. Collins , MD , FACS

Eric C. Feliberti , MD , FACS


Marybeth S. Hughes , MD FACS

Michael T. Martyak MD

Lambros K. Viennas , MD

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Lovie L. Brown

    • Title:
    • Department Administrator

    • Location:
    • Hofheimer Hall

Molly Anne Brittain

Kayla Elizabeth Carrillo

Constance A. Heckman

    • Title:
    • Senior Patient Account Representative

    • Location:
    • Hofheimer Hall

Karen M. Holmes

April D. Johnson

    • Title:
    • Patient Account Specialist

    • Location:
    • Hofheimer Hall

Ashley I. Jones

Shermikia M. Lawrence

    • Title:
    • Administrative Secretary

    • Location:
    • Hofheimer Hall

Cecilia S. Mulrain

    • Title:
    • Office Coordinator, Clerkship

    • Location:
    • Hofheimer Hall

Carl A. Myers

    • Title:
    • Administrative Support Cood, Residency Program

    • Location:
    • Hofheimer Hall

Jennifer R. Pierre

Tiffany N. Thomas

    • Title:
    • Surgical Scheduling Clerk

    • Location:
    • Hofheimer Hall

Candace L. Vaden

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Community Faculty

Sadaf S. Ahanchi, MD
Lawrence J. Aladj, MD
Adam Billet, MD
David P. Blake, MD, MPH
Aaron D. Bleznak, MD
Kevin F. Bonner, MD
Marc K. Boustany, MD
Jared L. Brooks, MD
Beryl S. Brown, MD
Richard J. DeMasi, MD
David J. Dexter, II, MD
James E. Dowd, MD
Mark A. Fontana, MD
Robert G. Gayle, MD
Todd W. Gensler, MD
Randolph J. Gould, MD
William P. Grant, DPM
Mark Greenspan, MD
Justin W. Griffin, MD
Richard A. Hoefer, Jr., DO
G. Wilkins Hubbard, II, MD
Charles E. Ives, MD
D. Denison Jenkins, MD
Clinton D. Kemp, MD
Rafael D. Malgor, MD
Michael J. Marcinczyk, MD
Charles S. McEnroe, MD
Ira D. Miller, MD
Ricardo Moscoso, MD
Richard J. Myers, MD
Joseph R. Newton, Jr., MD
Jean M. Panneton, MD
F. Noel Parent, III, MD
Jonathan M. Philpott, MD
Jennifer R. M. Reed, MD
Stephanie K. Repole, MD
Indrit Reso, MD
Peter F. Roberts, MD
Joan H. Rose, MD
William G. Rudolph, MD
John M. Sayles, MD
James J. Schneider, MD
Ran V.P. Singh, MBBS
Basil S. Skenderis, II, MD
James G. Snyder, MD
Samuel N. Steerman, MD
Gordon K. Stokes, MD
Bethany B. Tan, MD
Stephen D. Wohlgemuth, MD
Yassar Youssef, MD