Specific Learning Objectives

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        A.   Students will learn basic principles of surgery, including:

              1.  Preoperative care

              2.  Postoperative care

              3.  Fluid and electrolyte therapy

              4.  Acid - Base balance

              5.  Surgical nutrition

              6.  Wound healing, wound care, wound management

              7.  Complications of surgery

              8.  Principles of asepsis

              9.  Shock

              10.  Burns

              11.  Priorities in multiple trauma

              12.  Endocrine response to trauma

              13.  Basic principles in surgical oncology

       B.    Students will learn basic concepts of common illnesses which pertain to surgery
              (symptoms, signs, pathophysiology, investigation, and principles of management)

              1.  Acute abdomen

              2.  Hernia

              3.  Esophagus

              4.  Stomach and duodenum

              5.  Biliary tract

  1. Pancreas
  2. Intestinal obstruction

              8.  Colon, rectum, and anus

              9.  Peripheral artery disease

              10.  Venous disease

              11.  Breast

              12.  Surgically treatable hypertension

              13.  Surgical implications of hematologic disorders

              14.  Immunologic, traumatic, and infectious implications of neoplastic disorders

              15.  Endocrine system including thyroid, parathyroid, and adrenal

              16.  Thoracic disease

       C.    Students will observe and assist in the operating room and be expected to correlate surgical pathology
              with clinical findings.

       D.   Students will be able to adequately perform the following physical examinations: breast, abdominal,
             rectal and hernia examinations.

       E.    Students will be exposed to basic suturing techniques, with the expectation that students are practicing
              these techniques on their own time and/or any downtime during the work day.