Welcome from the Chairman

Lester S. Johnson, MD, PhD
Chairman of Radiology and Residency Program Director

Welcome to the Department of Radiology at Eastern Virginia Medical School.  Thank you for your interest. 

I've listed below some highlights of our residency program. More details are available on other pages.

I.  Superb Teaching Resources

  • Teaching Faculty and other staff: excellent and supportive. We have over 60 teaching faculty, nearly all of whom are fellowship trained subspecialists. Our faculty completed their medical training in strong residencies and fellowships from all over the country.  All of our faculty are ABR certified radiologists participating in Maintenance of Certification. We enjoy teaching and working with residents, and are eager to help our trainees become the best radiologists they can be.

  • One-on-one resident-attending teaching: whether reviewing studies at the PACS station or doing procedures, our residents have the advantage of training directly with attending radiologists, without fellows. The opportunity for residents to become proficient in their procedural skills is exceptional.

  • Technology: state-of-the-art. Our teaching hospitals take pride in having cutting edge technology, which their financial success allows them to have. This is important to radiologic training and patient care--radiologists can only be as good as our tools.

  • Patients: Large volume and variety of patients, examinations, procedures, and pathology, so important for learning. Our main teaching campus is the tertiary care referral center for Hampton Roads which has a population of roughly 1.6 million.

II.  Program Size:  The Best of Both Worlds

  • A relatively small program of 16 residents is highly conducive to learning as it allows ample opportunity for questions and answers in teaching conferences, and ample opportunity for each resident to take his or her own cases. Each resident is well known, important, and receives all the attention needed or wanted—not a face in a crowd. 
  • But this program enjoys a large volume, variety and excellence of teaching faculty, technology, and patients/studies, sufficient to support considerably more residents.

III.  Program Philosophy:

  • The very highest priority of our radiologists is patient care. I hope you agree, as a fellow member of our profession, that this is how it should always be for physicians. The best way for one to learn to provide excellent patient care is to train in a program which prioritizes providing excellent patient care.
  • The most important academic mission of our department is our residents. We engage in research and other scholarly activities, and teach medical students. But our strongest priority besides patient care is resident training. Our attending radiologists do not think of resident education as being secondary in importance to working with fellows, writing papers, submitting grant proposals, or obtaining academic promotions.

  • Residents are trainees clinically, always under appropriate supervision commensurate with their experience and in accordance with pertinent regulations including from ACGME. We like to remember, though, that because residents are trainees does not mean that residents are children, but usually responsible, professional adults. In an atmosphere of respect and collegiality, residents take ownership of their learning and the residency, showing initiative and leadership, working individually and together to make contributions including to the program and health care system. Most residents appreciate and thrive in this atmosphere which values their input.

IV.  Quality of life in Hampton Roads: great! Whether we might be single or raising a family, we love it here! It's easier to succeed in residency if one is happy, and easier to be happy during four years of life in residency if one likes the environment in which one is living.

V.  Success begets success: the radiology residency program at EVMS has a well deserved reputation for success, whether assessed by the standards of program accreditation, performance on board exams, scholarly pursuits and awards, fellowships attained by graduates, satisfaction of current residents, and/or feedback from alumni.

Again, thank you for your interest.