EVMS Psychology Internship - CHKD

Rotation Site: Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters (CHKD)


The Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters (CHKD) is a full-service general pediatric hospital located in the Eastern Virginia MedCHKD Photoical Center. It is a freestanding tertiary-care pediatric referral center that also includes a large on-campus ambulatory care center, as well as numerous satellites throughout the region.

These rotations provide interns with training in assessment, consultation and therapeutic interventions for children and adolescents and their families.




Rotation Name: Pediatric Behavioral Medicine

Supervisors: James Paulson, Ph.D. and Diana Schofield, Psy.D.


Pediatric Behavioral Medicine rotation interns will provide inpatient and outpatient assessment and therapy services.  Inpatient training focuses on preparing the intern to work effectively in a diverse medical/hospital culture and to provide brief assessment and short term interventions for patients and their families through the Consultation & Liaison team.  Areas of service may include Rehab, GI, Hem/Onc, and Neurology.  Outpatient training affords the intern short and longer-term therapy experiences with pediatric patients and families using evidence-based modalities with opportunities to integrate with referral sources such as the PCP, PT/OT/Speech, pediatric specialists, etc.  Comprehensive psychological assessment opportunities are available with a wide variety of ages and referral questions.



Rotation Name: Child Abuse Program

Supervisors: Alicia Meyer, Ph.D. and Kristina Krakowski, Psy.D.


Major rotation (3 days per week for 12 months): Assessment and treatment of traumatized children


  •         Treatment (8-10 therapy slots per week)


o   Conduct up to 2 intakes per week with children and their caregivers


o   Conduct Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT)


o   Conduct the Coping in Court module.  This therapy helps children apply coping skills to address stress related to having to testify


  •         Assessment (1 assessment per month)


o   Administer full psychological test batteries for children with abuse histories


o   Administer forensic evaluations in the form of Parenting Capacity Evaluations (PCEs)


  •         Supervision


o   1 hour for therapy,


o   1 hour for assessment (as needed),


o   1 hour of clinical staffing with the entire mental health team


o   Interns may help to supervise practicum students


  •         Didactics:


o   Provided through EVMS on a weekly basis. 


o   Interns will undergo formal training in TF-CBT, qualifying them for certification


o   Interns will also receive training in forensic matters related to child abuse




Minor rotation (1 day per week for 12 months)


  •         Develop manuscripts to submit for publication, usually based on a pre-existing database
  •        Optional: Conduct community trainings
  •      Optional: Submit presentations/posters to child abuse conferences