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Anca D. Dobrian , PhD , FAHA

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    • Lewis Hall

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    • Obesity is a growing epidemic and the health costs and morbidities associated with the disease are substantial and projected to increase in the next decades worldwide.

      My lab is interested in mechanisms leading to cardiovascular complications of obesity. In particular the research is focused on how inflammation and lipotoxicity in adipose tissue leads to insulin resistance and type2 diabetes. I am also interested in renal mechanisms that contribute to hypertension in obesity.

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    • Medical Students

      Integrated metabolism and Nutrition - Lipid Biochemistry (lecturer and small group facilitator)

      Medical Master Library Research Thesis (advisor)


      Graduate and MS students

      Cardiovascular and Metabolic Function and Dysfunction (course director)

      Concepts in Research Design (lecturer)

      Essentials in Physiology (lecturer)

      Introduction to literature (instructor)

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