Residency: Intensive Care Rotations


With over 60 beds, CHKD's Level 3 NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) is capable of taking care of infants as young as 23-24 weeks gestation. Because of the resident-focused education at CHKD, this rotation offers

  • the opportunity to do procedures as as intern
    • umbilical catheterization
    • lumbar punctures
    • intubations
    • chest tubes
  • team rounding to provide the best comprehensive care for patients
    • nutritionist
    • pharmacist
    • social worker
  • one-on-one mentorship with attendings
  • close relationships with patients/families

The NICU team consists of 2-3 interns and 1-2 PL2 seniors; each member spends a 6 night block for overnight NICU patient care.


The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) at CHKD is the largest in the region with 18 critical care beds. In this recently remodeled unit, residents have the chance to

  • do procedures
    • place central lines
    • place chest tubes
    • intubate with the 24/7 in-house intensivists
  • care for complex surgical patients
    • cardiothoracic surgery
    • ECMO
    • renal transplant patients
  • general and subspecialty surgical patients
  • complex subspecialty patients
  • work one-on-one with attendings, nurses, and RT's
  • round as a team, collaborating with a specialized PICU pharmacist

The PICU team is made up of of 4-5 PL2 and PL3 residents. Team members consist of residents from CHKD, Portsmouth Navy Pediatrics Residency Program, EVMS Emergency Medicine Residency Program and the CHKD Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship. The PICU service is on a q4-5 call schedule with call shifts lasting 24 + 4 hours in duration.