Residency: Outpatient Rotations

Resident Practice Group

Each resident spends one afternoon per week in the General Academic Pediatric office for their continuity clinic. This is a fantastic opportunity for residents to develop longitudinal relationships with the patients and families they follow for all three years of their residency.

General Academic Pediatrics

Residents spend 2 one month rotations working in the General Academic Pediatrics department, located on the first floor of the children's hospital. In addition to seeing patients and counseling families, residents instruct medical students, spend time in the evening clinic and participate in simulated patient/family scenarios with their attendings. This unique opportunity allows residents to gain a deeper understanding of the practice of General Pediatrics in an Academic setting.

Community Pediatrics

The EVMS Pediatric Residency Program at CHKD has a strong relationship with our community pediatric practices.  Over 50% of our community providers are alumni from our residency training program.  Residents spend 2 one month rotations working with a general pediatrician in the community. These rotations offer the opportunity to experience the excitement, challenges and rewards of private practice.