Resident QI Projects

Every EVMS Pediatric Resident at CHKD completes a quality improvement (QI) project over the course of their three years.  Our program is on the cutting-edge of QI through active partnerships with Toyota and recruitment/consultation with industry leaders spearheaded by Dr. Sandip Godambe, ED attending and Vice President of quality and patient safety.

Residents develop and initiate QI projects, both individually and in groups, under the guidance of faculty mentors.  Along with the support of Dr. Godambe's dedicated team, we strive to acquaint residents with industry recognized QI methods and tools (six sigma, LEAN, etc).  We both encourage and fully sponsor our residents to present their findings at local, regional and national conferences.


Group QI Project

Improving stethoscope hygiene practices among pediatric resident providers in an inpatient setting.
Investigators - PL1, PL2 & PL3 classes

All EVMS pediatric residents at CHKD are committed to patient safety and quality improvement.  In the Fall of 2014, they developed a resident quality forum.  The goal of this forum? Completing fully resident run QI projects aimed at a hospital wide impact on patient safety.

Our entire pediatric residency program participates through workshops and monthly meetings to coordinate study strategy, implementation and result collection in a classic PDSA (Plan, Do, Study, Act) design.  The residents chose stethoscope hygiene as their initial project;  we believe, over time, this project will extend from residents to all health care providers as a hospital-wide effort.

Other Selected QI Projects (individual/small groups)

Jennifer Mulla Gibson, MDDeveloping a standardized neonatal withdrawal score protocol system in the level 2 nursery
Resident Investigator - J. Gibson, MD

"Our program has done an excellent job providing residents the tools and resources to design and execute meaningful quality improvement projects. It is really valuable to have gone through this process while in training, not only to improve our hospital practices but also to have exposure to something that will be part of our maintenance of certification throughout our careers."



Lindsay Eilers, MD

Using the PRISM  Mpodel to Drive Quality Improvement in the Emergency Department
Resident Investigators - L. Eilers, MD; A. Mehta, MD

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Decreasing "No Show" Rates from Birth to 7 Months at General Academic Pediatrics
Resident Investigators - B. Ohienmhen, MD; I. Eichelberger, MD; B. Klick, MD; S. Mercer, MD

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Improving Communication between Nurses, Parents and Residents in the NICU
Resident Investigators - Andria Wallen, DO; Fabiana Barnabe, MD; Amara Majeed, MD

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