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Child and Family Guidance & Consultation


The Child and Family Guidance & Consultation service (formerly Pediatric Psychiatry) at Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters exists to provide consultation directed at diagnostic clarification and treatment recommendation, especially psychopharmacology, for children suffering from the effects of mental illness or behavioral disturbance. In a working partnership with parents and child, they obtain a history of behavior, emotion and function with attention to genetic, medical, developmental, educational, social and family factors.

Their Division goal is to assist children and families through collaboration with their primary care physicians in the evaluation and treatment of children suffering from mental illness, at a time that there is a dramatic shortage in the availability of child psychiatric services in most communities. Therefore, instead of seeing children for ongoing care, they provide outpatient consultation, consisting of several visits, to diagnose and make treatment recommendations.

Depending on the situation, the Division may begin or change medication management, then return the child to the referring practitioner. They will help parents locate appropriate care, if needed, as well as also offering telephone consultations to primary care providers.