The Robert J. Faulconer Award for Excellence in the Field of Pathology

The top six students in each Pathology class are invited to participate in the Faulconer Award competition annually.   This award is given for excellence in the field of Academic Pathology,  with the winner to be announced at the time of their graduation.

The competition involves each student reporting to the department office where they are given one mandatory discussion topic, and a list of five others from which they should choose a second topic.  Without the use of any reference materials, candidates are given fifteen minutes to prepare ten minute discussions on each topic.  Each topic is discussed extemporaneously before a small faculty panel, evaluating content and organization.  After all students have given their presentations, a winner is chosen by the faculty panel and the name is sealed for two years until the time of graduation arrives.

The names of the winners of this award are shown below from the year 1998.

Rebecca Caperton and Joseph Lee (a tie),  Class of 1998

Rachel-Louis Beddard,  Class of 1999

Andrew Williams,  Class of 2000

Jessie Irwin,  Class of 2001

Timothy Bradford,  Class of 2002

George Dahl,  Class of 2003

Deborah Sevilla,  Class of 2004

Jennifer Moti,  Class of 2005

Lee Jennings and Geoffrey Neuner (a tie),  Class of 2006

Kelly Graham,  Class of 2007

Jessica Salzman,  Class of 2008

Deboki Chaudhuri,  Class of 2009

Adam Ligler,  Class of 2010

William Pullen,  Class of 2011

Nicholas Rister,  Class of 2012

Ali Bukhari,  Class of 2013

Andrew Holcomb,  Class of 2014

Austin Baraki and Jeremy Hines (a tie),  Class of 2015

Sohaib Malik, Class of 2016

Daniel A. McBride, Class of 2017

Ashley S. Hafer, Class of 2018


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