Anatomy Guy Webucation Project

Anatomy Guy “Webucation” project:

The Anatomy Guy Website is a vertically integrated medical education website started by Dr. Craig Goodmurphy Ph.D. in 2010. The site is designed to bring relevant medical education to the greater global audience at all levels of training and curiosity. It has educational materials intended to appeal to a broad audience from the 5th grade student dissecting the frog, to the medical professional and even to the patients they will treat.

In the first three years of the project Dr. Goodmurphy has been able to create over 400 “meducation” videos that are freely available to anyone in the world. In fact, the site is viewed in over 190 countries by over a quarter million viewers. Not only has this benefited the global impact of EVMS but it has also provided educational projects and research opportunities for hundreds of medical students, residents, and high school students.


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