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Otolaryngology for the Primary Care Physician Course Number: OTO403

Otolaryngology for the Primary Care Physician
Course Number: OTO403

Offered by: Travis Reeves, MD

Location: Departmental Offices-SNGH, CHKD, VAB

Periods Offered: Continuously

Duration: 4 weeks

Number of Students: 1-2

Student Level: 3-4

Night Call: No

Report First Day: Students should page the Otolaryngology Chief Resident for instructions the Friday before beginning the rotation. Students will be provided a schedule the week before beginning the rotation.

Course Description: This elective is designed for the medical student interested in the primary care specialties (family practice, internal medicine, pediatrics) and is oriented toward outpatient services. The student will receive a wide exposure to medical and surgical aspects of diseases of the head and neck in adults and children. Major patient contact will be through the departments clinical offices, hospital clinics, and hospital rounds. There will be selected operating room experience to demonstrate common procedures.

Distribution of Student's Effort: Inpatient 30%, Outpatient 70%, conferences three hours per week, hospital rounds four hours per week. Adequate study and reading time provided. Faculty contact 40 hours per week.

1. Learn the basics of the ear, nose and throat examination.
2. Diagnose and treat the spectrum of diseases related to chronic serous otitis media, acute otitis media and chronic otitis media.
3. Diagnose and treat the spectrum of diseases in the oral cavity and pharynx (e.g., tonsillitis, adenoiditis and oral/dental diseases).
4. Evaluate and treat nasal/sinus disorders.
5. Learn the basic work-up and follow-up of the head and neck cancer patient and thyroid/parathyroid patient.
6. Diagnose and treat voice and swallowing problems.
7. To understand the basic surgical skills and perioperative problems involved in performing myringotomy, tonsillectomy, sinus and laryngeal endoscopic surgery.

Evaluation: 100% clinical observation