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Medical Students

Medical Students

Welcome to the Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery service. We realize that this is a short period of time to learn a great deal about our specialty; however, we feel that you can gain the basics with a little bit of effort. Almost all physicians see patients with problems of the head and neck area in their practice, and if you are able to recognize these problems, your patients will be saved a great deal of time and money by your knowledge. You should be able to determine what you are able to handle in your own office, and what requires referral.

Our basic objectives are:

  • To expose you to the general field of otolaryngology-head and neck surgery
  • To teach you how to evaluate and manage some common otolaryngology problems
  • To help determine the appropriateness of referral of future patients to an otolaryngologist

We encourage your active participation during this clerkship. The full-time staff and the residents are available to you at all times for questions, in the department offices and/or in the hospitals.